Our Vision

  • We aim at the hazards-free environment to everyone through a voluntary movement at the international level on Safety Management & Healthy Administration by educating and influencing Society to adopt appropriate policies, practices and methods to install, maintain & manage safety to prevent or minimise human suffering, loss of lives, property and economic loss due to hazards.

  • Provide excellence in training and education for the development of knowledge, skill, and abilities to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow in the most effective, efficient and innovative manner. As technology changes, so do the fire & safety service. This training academy continually reviews each program to see that they meet the most recent and accepted standards.

  • To establish as India’s premier Institute of Fire Engineering and Safety Management. To pursue attending and imparting the highest standard of teaching and training in the field of Fire Engineering and Safety Management.

Our Mission

  • Our ultimate aim is to upgrade professionalism in the field of Safety Management through effective training methods and well-quantized curriculum.

  • To create public awareness about “The quality of life protection” through fire safety Training Programs.

  • To induce lifelong learning knowledge skills, for social and personal development.

  • Will sustain its position as a premier, institutions of fire engineering and safety management, in India. Towards the above goal, IIFS will continue to acquire professional excellence with a focus on high-quality training, curriculum, and an end to end awareness programs for the public.