NEBOSH International Diploma in Occupational Health & Safety

The NEBOSH international Diploma is a leading and worldwide recognized qualification in the field of health and safety, providing the specialist knowledge and understanding, combined with the application of the expertise required to undertake a career as a safety and health practitioner. The NEBOSH international Diploma will fulfill the same objectives in other countries around the world.

Who takes the NEBOSH International Diploma?

Those seeking a successful long-term career in health and safety and who wish to be recognized as a professional in their field anywhere in the world.

Benefits of the course

  • Expertise – It takes your health and safety know-how to a higher level.
  • Satisfaction – Improve skills as a health and safety practitioner and increase confidence.
  • Achievement – Comparable to gaining a UK education system degree level qualification.
  • Recognition – Like all NEBOSH qualifications, it is held in high esteem everywhere.

The International Diploma is the major international professional qualification fulfilling the academic requirements for Graduate Membership (Grad IOSH) and as a first step to becoming a Chartered Safety and Health Practitioner as a Chartered Member of IOSH (CMIOSH).

The qualification is also accepted by the International Institute of Risk and Safety Management (IIRSM) as it meets their requirements for full membership.

  • Career Development – This acts as platform to make your career wherever you wish.
  • A safer workplace – This qualification ensure employers avoid prosecution, litigation, absence costs and loss of reputation.
  • Return on investment -An employee with a NEBOSH International Diploma has a set of high level skills that brings real value to the modern global workplace.

What does the course cover?

The syllabus comprises of four core units:

  • Unit IA – International management of health and safety .
  • Unit IB – International control of hazardous agents in the workplace.
  • Unit IC – International workplace and work equipment safety .
  • Unit ID -International application of health and safety theory and practice. Although there are no entry requirements for this qualification, the achievement of the NEBOSH IGC or direct equivalent prior to undertaking the diploma course is recommended.